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Always know what you’ll pay.

Built on the best platforms, our websites are designed using the latest techniques and SOMETHING, customised to best fit your unique needs.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll get a fresh, mobile friendly website that gets you results.

A bespoke one page website perfect for startups.
Small / Medium Business
Perfect for small & medium businesses.
Future proof your website with the latest features.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process?

First, we need to know exactly what you need.  Our Website Worksheet (HYPERLINK) covers all aspects of website marketing – from target audience and goal setting, to design and content.  Working closely with that worksheet, our team will get to work quickly to draft a concept website that we can work on together to fine tune.   

All content needs to be provided upfront before the website creation begins.  Content often includes – photography (both stock imagery and of your business), copy (the words, so quite important), contact details and 

Can you really put my website together in two weeks?

Yes we can.  From the date we confirm your content and worksheet, we can build your website in two weeks.  Simple.
Will you host my website too?
Yes we can. We can even register and maintain your domain name too. We don’t have host your website, but our rates are competitive and we only use the most secure servers.

Don’t settle for a plain @gmail.com business email address.  For an extra monthly cost, use your own domain for business emails.

Can I update my website myself?
Yes you can! We design your website on the WordPress platform, easily the most user-friendly webdesign tool.  We can give you basic training so you can hit the ground running with updating your site with the latest content.

(Sign up to our eCommerce package and receive six months of website support FREE)

Can you help with the content for my website?
Yes – we work closely with local Kiwi writers who can put together topnotch content for your new website.  Or, they can provide editing to streamline your message.

This is at an extra cost for our FIRST TWO packages.

Do you provide website marketing advice?
Once you’ve got a brilliant website, you want everyone to see it, right?  Take advantage of our extensive knowledge of Google analytics, Google adwords and Facebook advertisements to target your audience and so they can find you.