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About Us

Since 2015, WebRocket has been crafting websites for people just like you.  Small to medium sized business owners who depend on a vibrant online presence to showcase their companies to potential customers.  

We pride ourselves on our personalised services.  You won’t be dealing with the sales manager or a newbie in customer service since you will work directly with the senior designer.   

By outlining all costs and requirements up front, the creation process will be efficent and uncomplicated.

Our monthly hosting and maintenance plans ensure your data remains in the right hands.  Off-site back-ups and security updates are included in these plans and provide our customers with the 

Once the site is up and running, fresh inspiring content will keep your customers coming back for more.  We work alongside copywriters who can craft regular content for blogs, newsletters and social media channels.  


we can assist you with our extensive knowledge of SEO (search engine optomisation, so people can find you),